Calendar of Events

September 20-23, 2010 - International Nonwovens Technical Conference Baltimore, MD

Presentations at the International Nonwovens Technical Conference (INTC) will focus on technical topics and their application to nonwoven products. INTC will target members from nonwoven roll good producers and converters as well as suppliers. Attendees will include mid-to-upper-level management from research and development, sales and marketing, quality control, plant production, academia, technology providers, machinery and equipment manufacturers, suppliers of fibers, chemicals, and finishes, roll good manufacturers, private, government, academic research facilities and consumer product manufacturers/end-users of nonwoven roll goods.

October 4-7, 2010 - Water Filtration and Filter Testing Topical Conference Ellicott City, MD

Dr. Gupta will be presenting the paper titled "Application of the Liquid-Liquid Porometry for Characterization of Pore Structure of Filtration Media" in October at the AFSS Conference in Elliccot City, MD. If you will be in the area during the week of October 4 - 7, we invite you to stop by and visit with him. He will be happy to answer any of your questions and discuss your specific needs with you. If you are in the Elliccot City area, but cannot make it to the conference, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to set up a meeting with Dr. Gupta on one of the days he is not presenting.

October 12-14, 2010 - PMI Short Course Ithaca, NY

PMI's Short Course brings together our experts in pore structure and characterization, as well as technical specialists from industries, research laboratories and universities, for three days of intensive lectures, discussions, and hands-on practice. The material presented addresses the theory and application of methods for determining pore structure and distribution in a wide variety of materials. Attendees learn the basics and catch up on the latest advances in porosity characterization techniques. Our Short Course schedule will include plenty of time for one-on-one discussions with PMI's technical staff. We finish each course day with an evening of dining and sightseeing in scenic Ithaca, New York.

For more information, visit the PMI Short Course website at:

October 18-21, 2010 - Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition San Antonio, TX

The Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition (FCS&E) provides an exciting opportunity to learn about and experience the latest advances in fuel cell research, development and demonstration/application. The Seminar was created in 1976 as a forum for researchers and developers alike to share new findings, as well as successes and failures, within the fuel cell community. Since then, the FCS&E has grown along with its industry, in terms of the numbers of participants; the numbers of demonstrations of fuel cells; and the state-of-the-art of the technology.

PMI will be presenting the paper "Characterization of Pore Structure of Fuel Cell Components in Humid Environments", and we invite you to stop by and visit with Dr. Gupta if you are in the area. He will be happy to answer any of your questions and discuss how PMI instruments can help with your fuel cell components.